Top Magento extensions to boost E-commerce sales at the year-end

The eCommerce business runs 24/7 whereas holiday season is the most profitable duration. The sales tend to incline rapidly and there comes a huge demand for the new inventory.

In order to streamline the business, the entrepreneurs introduce multiple schemes and initiate numerous marketing and promotional plans to drive a pool of potential customers towards their business domain.

Meanwhile the customers are exploring the best online shops to buy gifts for their loved ones, there comes a tough competition between online stores and everyone keeps on trying to acquire a competitive edge.

There comes a time when eCommerce store owners  have to confront with the challenges like decline in sales and too much product return due to the lower quality products being supplied by the supplier. The holiday season is what every eCommerce entrepreneur is waiting for to get products in the limelight. That doesn’t mean they don’t have to work on the quality of the products.

Remember, these days, the customers are more choosy and skeptical on what they are buying, where they are spending money and what they will get in return. So, make sure your products are top-notch and when the holiday’s season start approaching, you would have launched a captivating marketing campaign that gives you an edge over your competitors.

The eCommerce platform Magento has already made its mark by proving to be the best with several high-end features and functionalities. Today, I am going to enlist some of the most demanding Magento extensions that have proven to be effective in boosting eCommerce sales at the year-end.



Pre-ordering is a long known strategy utilized by vendors to attract potential customers. The product before they are produced, manufactured, stitched, woven, or entered in to the inventory gets showcased in the stack of enlisted items with the tag of pre-order.

Most of the products that are already in demand by the audience get instant response. The developers have introduced a pre-order extension for Magento platform to facilitate merchants in integrating it to their stores efficiently. The extension is equipped with all the necessary pre-order features to instantly bring products among the batch of listed products.

The customers will only get aware of the date the product being there in the stock. Some of the features the extension includes the compatibility to assign single as well as bundle of products with pre-order tag. Illuminate countdown timer with the custom product details or any other message.  The extension also offers leverage of replacing the conventional “Add to cart” tag with “Pre-order or Back-order” one and there are bunch of other top notch features this extension is loaded with.

Product labels and Stickers


Sometimes the merchants are required to make changes in the listed product images. Often due to price cut and due to the launch of discounts and offers, the products images needs to be transformed.

Doing that with the use of some photo editing software requires a lot of time and a skillful professional dedicated to the job. There is no need to do that when you have a Product labels extension for Magento platform.

You can display out of the stock tags on product images that are no longer available in the inventory. The merchants also have leverage of integrating more than one product labels and restrict those to the specific customer groups as well.

Gift Card

As the holiday season is near, many people are about to land on your online store to purchase gifts. Many will prefer to choose from the listed products and many will explore other flexible ways of surprising their loved ones.

The gift card for online shopping store is one of them as it facilitates the holder to buy anything he/she wants from the particular online store. The integration of gift cards could attract the attention of huge number of potential customers.

The gift card extension is designed to make it easy for store owners to launch gift card facility where a specific amount of gift card voucher gives access to buy anything with in the price range.

The merchants can manifest three pricing models that are fixed, drop-down and range model. They can provide leverage to allow customers to embed custom images to their chosen gift cards and customers can send these through email and also make them printed.

Refer a friend

Marketers tend to fabricate multiple marketing and promotional strategies to gravitate huge number of potential customers to the particular online business domain. One of the ideal strategies of getting attention from the target audience is by initiating a referral program.

This brand promotional strategy allows customers to bring friends and family members to the specific business and in reward they get their commission.

The merchants can also introduce this sort of marketing program through Magento 2 refer a friend extension. Allow customers to view their referral earnings through “My Account” page and setup social sharing buttons to allow rapid sharing by the customers.

Also, specify a deadline where customers can only avail the rewards within the specific time limit. The extension also provides flexibility of formulating rewards in the shape of fixed price amounts or in percentage.

Gift Wrap

A gift enclosed in a ravishing packaging enhances its significance and make it more prominent and attractive. People who have waited long for the holiday season are about to rush towards online and physical stores to surprise the loved ones with marvelous gifts.

They need to look eye catching as well so, they are going to wrap them with wrappers of beautiful designs and textures. As a manager of an online store, you can facilitate your loyal customers with gift wrapping facility and you don’t need to do it by hiring a relevant professional.

All you need to do is to avail a gift wrap extension, integrate it to your online store and you are done. The extension allows adding modern and enticing gift wrap design to the store with a specific price tag with each. Showcase multiple types of gift wrapping based on the special occasions. Merchants can restrict this feature to the specific store views as well.

Store Pickup


Most of the times it takes too much time to send online ordered products to the particular customer’s mailing address. Also, the shipping charges linked to the specific products are often too high. So, customers hesitate to pay too much in the shape of shipping charges.

The smart developers have come up with a more flexible solution to this problem now as they have launched a store pickup extension, which is the ideal solution to save shipping time and cost.

Now, if any of your store’s outlet or franchise is near to the customer’s location, he can choose that as a pickup location instead of waiting for the order to be delivered to his/her address. The extension features a dedicated store locator page that incorporates Google maps to highlight store locations. The merchants can import essential shop’s data in the shape of CSV file as well.

Percentage Pricing

Sometimes it becomes challenging for store owners to formulate pricing and profit margins for massive products listed on the online store. Besides other important tasks like managing inventory items, dealing with the customer requests, solving queries etc., there are some tasks that can be automated, and setting price and markup is one of them.

It can be done through a well-built Magento extension known as percentage pricing. The extension comes with built in feature of setting profit whether fixed or on percentage basis with great precision. The merchants have advantage of setting different profit margins for different customer groups and for distinct products.

Who bought this also Bought

Running an eCommerce store is a hectic job. As an entrepreneur you have to watch for declined sales and have to devise strategies to increase its exposure and demand.

Meanwhile a particular product is getting too much attention from the customers, other might get ignored that couldn’t get in the limelight either they have just arrived and no one has placed a review yet or they get faded away because of no promotions.

You would have come across multiple products listed online that trigger other related products after getting approached along with the tagline that says the customers who bought this products also bought these items.

It’s an ideal marketing approach that increases the chances of other products to be viewed and purchased along with the visited. This powerful functionality can be acquired by making use of Magento 2 frequently bought together extension. The extension automatically showcase frequently bought together products and provides leverage of integrating the functionality in the shape of grid or slider.

Private sales


Your loyal customers are valuable to your business so why not to reward them with special offers to make attached with your business domain. Magneto 2 private sales extension is designed specially to allow merchants to serve their special customers with amazing offers that can be in the shape of discounts, gifts and vouchers.

You can setup a timer before the launch of promotion and manifest it in a dedicated page. The custom offers will provoke other customers to acquire premium status and to be liable for those offers.

Final words

Magento extensions have made this eCommerce platform more diverse by introducing countless features and functionalities. Now merchants have more options to increase the exposure of their online business domain than before. If you are running an eCommerce store that is based on Magento, then be prepared to load it with multiple high end extensions because the holidays season is approaching and you have to be ready in order to breakthrough.


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