What Does A Quantity Surveyor Do?

There are several things you need to know before you start your first construction project. You have to hire reliable builders and find good-quality materials that will last for years after you build your house. However, you also have to draw up a contract and determine your budget if you want to avoid legal and financial issues. That’s one of the main reasons why you need to hire a quantity surveyor. The main role of a quantity surveyor is to take a deep dive into your spendings and save taxes on building expenses. These professionals are ideal for cost planning and management, so make sure to keep them by your side if your goal is to invest in a new construction project. 

If you want to become a quantity surveyor or hire them to work on your residential project, we’re here to talk about this job position and tell you why are they important for the construction industry. 

  • What does a quantity surveyor do?

The main duty of quantity surveyors is to search for new ways to minimize the risks and costs of your next construction project. They’re an integral part of this industry because they can help you find new ways to stick to your budget and complete your construction project on time. In other words, quantity surveyors are responsible for calculating the costs of building a new house and resolving common budget problems so that everyone wins. They can also analyze the terms and conditions of your contract and help you predict potential risks before your builders arrive at your doorstep. 

  • How to become a quantity surveyor?

To work as a quantity surveyor in Australia, you must earn a bachelor’s degree in construction management. If you want to become an expert in this field it’s advisable to check whether there are any licencing requirements in your state and enroll in accredited courses in the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors. These courses will elevate your skills and allow you to become a certified quantity surveyor. 

It will take some time to earn a bachelor’s degree and open doors to lucrative career opportunities. In Australia, the average quantity surveyor salary is $110,500 per year, but experienced workers can earn up to $190,000. 

  • Apprenticeships

Every good construction firm needs a hard-working quantity surveyor. That’s why an apprenticeship with one of the local construction firms can teach you more about this industry. Once you become an apprentice, you will be fully-employed by your company. In most cases, they will expect you to work around 30 hours each week. The duration of your apprenticeship is based solely on your experience. 

  • Necessary skills

Everyone can learn how to become a successful quantity surveyor. If you are interested in this job position, you will have to elevate your skills and learn how to handle various tasks before you land your first job. Sound knowledge of mathematics will help you on your journey, but you also have to learn how to pay attention to details and elevate your analytical skills. 

Gain knowledge of building and construction and learn about tax codes and regulations in your state. These skills can help you start a profitable career and build trust in your client and business relationships. 

  • Do you need to hire a quantity surveyor?

Building a new home can be very stressful for some future homeowners. It takes time to obtain construction permits and hire a professional to prepare the necessary documentation for your construction project. On top of that, building a new home is an extremely large investment. Although many Australian homeowners believe that hiring a quantity surveyor before starting a new construction project is a waste of resources, these construction cost consultants can help you save money over the long run. 

A reliable quantity surveyor from Brisbane can prepare a depreciation report and find all available deductions to help you pay less tax and calculate the return of investment. It’s advisable to keep records of your construction costs because these professionals are qualified to complete tax depreciation schedules for your investment properties. 

Many homeowners in Australia rely on their service, and you should hire them if you want to save money and avoid unnecessary costs during and after the completion of your construction project. 

  • Other reasons why you should hire a quantity surveyor

An experienced quantity surveyor will help you identify your needs and estimate the costs of your construction project. That means that they will calculate how much money you need to save for materials and labour and adjust future expenditures based on the past budget performance.  They may work in the office and prepare the necessary documentation, but you will also find them on your construction site. Quantity surveyors will make sure that all your builders know how to follow health and safety regulations and share with you essential tips that will teach you how to stay within your budget. 

If you’re willing to become a reliable quantity surveyor in Australia, you will have to learn how to handle all these tasks effortlessly. However, if you decide to start your company, you will have the opportunity to stay focused on specific areas, such as tax deduction, and use your skills to help your clients save money. 


If you need more information about how to become a quantity surveyor or why you may need one, get in touch with some of the best Australian professionals and ask for a consultation. They will give you more details about your future career and recommend courses or apprenticeships. However, if you believe that hiring a quantity surveyor is a good financial opportunity, they will tell you more about their service and why it’s advisable to hire them. 

If you don’t need a financial consultant for your next construction projects, don’t forget that these professionals can prepare tax depreciation reports and help you save hundreds of dollars for a small price. Talk to some of the best Brisbane quantity surveyors today, and find more about legal ways to reduce your taxes. 

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