Why good mid-level managers are crucial for your company

Companies need good leaders, CEOs and influencers to drive growth. However, a good mid-level manager could be the deciding factor of where your company growth could go. There is a huge difference between leaders and managers. Leaders give you a fifty thousand foot level view on where they see the company going. Managers, however, are responsible for the ‘doing’ part of it. Mid-level managers ought to ‘doers’. They must be capable of the delegation, reviewing and decision making on ground.

Actionable for goal achievement:

Setting a big goal can be the task of a good leader and is extremely essential. But a good manager needs to breakdown the goal to manageable tasks and delegate to the team. Figuring out what works and what doesn’t becomes the role of a manager. Work division, deadline setting, timeline management are all roles of a manager. These factors are usually the deciding pillars of how effectively a goal will be achieved.

Value add

Good managers do more than just delegation. In times of distress, they need to make executive decisions, think like a leader, and behave like an entrepreneur. This is what makes them great. A manager that brings valuable inputs and opinions, plays the devil’s advocate is important for the company.


Managers need to take accountability for the team. If the team fails to deliver a task due to a certain reason or employee, the manager must hold themselves accountable for it. A good manager will never put an employee on the line of fire before the management.

Better retention rate

People don’t leave companies, they leave managers. Therefore having a great manager in place already increases the retention rate of employees in the organization. It is usually observed if the employees are happy with their direct managers, it becomes a huge reason for them to stay and continue. For any company, the older the employees, the better it is for business.

Employee satisfaction

When an employee knows exactly what to do, how to go about a task life becomes easier for everyone. A manager that gives a good sense of direction acts as a solution provider in case the problem leads to happy employees.  A study by the social market foundation found that people happy employees work 20% better than unhappy employees in terms of productivity.

Enhancing a healthy workplace culture

Good managers drive great workplace culture just by being themselves. Good managers are approachable, making the employee comfortable to address their concerns. They are effective taskmasters, therefore they do not slack on work. This is the kind of work ethic that allows a company to grow further. When employees see a good manager, they aspire to be like them, to perform better. This always works in the favor of the company.


Thus spending time and money on training mid-level managers to be more effective, give them managerial skills training are all investments with great returns.

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