4 Ways E-commerce Businesses Can Get the Most Out of Year-End Sales

If you are a sales strategist like me, you would know the importance when the last quarter nears. This is the time to maximize the year-end sales and take the most out of your product surplus. E-commerce stores hugely rely on their online marketing efforts to entice customers and give them the value proposition they desire from products. This requires developing carefully vetted sales strategies, installing tools, and using it at the right time to bring maximum exposure to your products. Without a properly marketed campaign to highlight your year-end offer, you cannot close a good margin for your year-end sale and meet your business goals. In this article, we will share 4 extensions you can use boost your sales and get the maximum out of your 4th quarter.

Add Labels & Stickers on Your Store Products

One of the major hurdles digital marketers face when starting their year-end sales campaigns is the lack of stimulus. Since online marketing is based on the principles of getting the right information to the customer at the right time, you may need to consider if you are getting your message through effectively or not. Although textual information helps in explaining your propositions, it is the visual elements that engage your customers and stimulate purchase decisions. Online stores need attractive visual elements to attract their audience.

These elements could be in the form of images, videos, CTAs, logos, or even small thumbnails. Using them strategically generates a positive user experience and directly compliments your sales output. To start off, you can use Magento 2 product label extension create attractive labels for product images on your store. You can create discounts for year-end’s sales, giveaways for customer groups, promotions for different products and display them on product and category pages of your store. You can add them on different types of products, create multiple labels, and configure restriction settings to manage their visibility in different customer groups. You can also customize these labels according to your preferences.

Enable pre Order and Back-order Feature on Your Store

Many merchants come across the dilemma of sales stagnation when their newly launched product loses the customers attention and the buzz seems to disappear overnight. High competition, bad marketing, poor product features, are among the many reasons merchants overlook before its launch. Launching a product successfully and then maintaining it requires a thorough approach in order to make it compelling and keep its sales from declining. To achieve this, you can install Pre-order and Back-order extension on your store. This extension will allow you to secure the attention your product needs during the last quarter, by keeping your customers informed and excited about the product launch.

Magento 2 pre order extension is the perfects solution for stores that suffer stores suffer sales stagnation and declining traffic on their stores. It allows you to create a pre-order strategy and build awareness about the product or help customer back-order an already in-store product that is currently out of stock. the extension adds a “Pre-Order” button on the product page and a countdown timer to encourage customers into ordering the product in advance. From the back-end, you can easily manage all pre-orders and back-orders from the grid panel.

Create an Attractive Flash Sales Campaign 

When it comes to securing sales, nothing beats a last-minute sale opening. Flash marketing is among the most effective practices of selling you in a short span of time. If used correctly, it can create a sense of urgency within your target segment, acting as a catalyst in the conversion process and generating a flood of sales for your store. You can design attractive sales banners and share them to your social media handles to get maximum exposure. While you can hire a designer to get a campaign ready for you, using a Flash Sales extension will not only save your money but give you a lot more value in terms of features and usability.

You can download Magento 2 countdown timer extension and create limited-time-discount offers with special offers for different customer groups. These extensions will allow you to create multiple campaigns for events all around the year such as Back-to-school, Christmas, Black-Friday, and Cyber Monday, etc. Moreover, you can set discounts based on a fixed amount or percentage discount for each flash sale campaign. You can also enable special discounts on specific products that cannot be placed under fixed or percentage discount.

Use Gift cards to Promote Year-End Sales 

E-commerce stores need different means of propagating their product offers. One of the easiest ways to get customers talking about your store and increase your product sales is by adding a Gift Card extension.

Magento 2 gift card extension allows your customers to purchase exciting gift vouchers which they can send to their friends, co-workers and loved ones. You can create multiple types of gift cards and enable them for different occasions throughout the year such as birthdays, baby showers, weddings, anniversaries, and other important events. Once you install this extension it automatically creates a dedicated page where customers can easily search for their favorite gift cards. The gift cards work on 3 pricing models that give fixed, drop-down and range price discounts to customers. You can set the validity of the coupon so customers are compelled to use them within the given time. This works as a perfect mechanism to supplement year-end sales and build new customers for your brand.




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