Business idea for making anti-slip coating

Ceramic tiles are used for interior and exterior decoration of apartments, offices and other objects. Despite the unsurpassed external characteristics of such a material, it has one significant drawback. If water, snow or dirt gets on the tile, it becomes slippery, which can lead to injuries. Modern technologies allow us to solve this problem quickly and at minimal cost. Modern agents can create microscopic irregularities on ceramic tiles, thereby increasing adhesion.

It is enough for the owner of the tiled room to use the service of applying an anti-slip coating to the surface and this creates an idea for the business.

Providing such a service, you can organize a highly profitable business:

  • Competition in this service sector is still minimal. We can say that this niche is almost free.
  • Many people who value their own security will want to use this service.
  • The target audience of such a business can be both private individuals (owners of apartments and houses), and state organizations, medical institutions, etc.

How to organize the application of anti-slip coating on the tiles?

The easiest way to organize your business in this direction is to purchase a dealer package in one of the specialized firms. This will allow a novice entrepreneur to organize direct sales of anti-slip coatings in their region, as well as receive free tile samples that have undergone anti-slip treatment. In case you are planning your business in the USA, it is easy to significantly save time, using the services of Jeep rental Pittsburgh.

The businessperson will also have to invest part of the investment capital in the registration of the business and in local advertising, since such a service is not familiar to everyone. If there are constant large orders, such a business can bring a lot even in the first month. Thus, starting costs can be recouped in just a few weeks of productive work.

How to start this business?

At the heart of any business is an idea. Then the person begins to realize it. To start your anti-slip coating business, you need:

  1. pass registration as a business entity in accordance with established order;
  2. purchase the necessary equipment;
  3. conduct an advertising campaign, etc.

The choice of anti-slip coating should be made with all responsibility. The reputation of the manufacturer will also depend on the quality of this material. It is better to get high-quality coating from leading manufacturers than to lose a client because of poor quality of a coating.

Tips for choosing an anti-slip coating:

  • First of all, the coating should not mask the aesthetic merits of your chosen tile, therefore it is desirable to take the one, which is completely transparent – in this case the functionality will not upset the aesthetic perception;
  • The coating method of application has to be not complicated. Choose a coating that does not require special devices – it is best if it can be applied with a conventional roller in one layer;
  • Such a criterion as wear resistance is very important – therefore, it is better to choose an anti-slip coating with a guaranteed service life, which is usually produced only by world-famous manufacturers;
  • The anti-slip coating should be universal, that is, one that can be applied to tiles laid not only indoors, but also outdoors – and, therefore, resistant to atmospheric and other influences.

If the selected anti-slip coating meets all the requirements, it will not only protect you from falling with all the ensuing consequences, but also ensure the life of the tile you have chosen for many years.

Today there are a number of different agents against slippery floors, which include:

  • Anti-slip tapes and corners – they are used where the surface is already finished, but potentially dangerous. Such coatings are already attached to the finished surface;
  • Anti-slip pads and profiles – they are made of both rubber and metal, but they can combine both the first and second material. They have a long service life, and are also quickly installed and removed when necessary;
  • Protective Anti-Slip facing device. It is an elastic profile, which is made in the form of a tape up to 30 mm wide and 25 meters long;
  • Rubber tile is one of the most reliable ways to protect the floor surface from slipping. It is not slippery at all and can be put not only on the floor, but also on the stairs. It has an attractive appearance, strength, durability and provides security;
  • Anti-slip agent for tiles – it is a liquid agent, which is sprayed on the floor, gives it a slightly opaque shade, does not require any additional stickers for the floor, and allows you to keep the floor pattern intact.

Active search for customers is very important at this area of ​​activity. Since such business is relatively young, there is little competition. The most important thing is to properly and extensively conduct an advertising campaign to attract customers.

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