Business Trip Mistakes You Make in Miami By Rental Ca


That’s really cool if you have a business trip to Miami. It is a great opportunity to work and have an awesome rest at the same time. Planning your trip, you pay attention to safety, comfort, and productivity. The first thing that comes to your mind is car rental. It is really difficult to get over Miami without a comfortable transport, especially if you want to explore the city territory in your free time. Do you need car rental in Miami under 21 with no fee? Actually, you can be charge as under 21 driver, in case of one way rental, or when you change your rental unexpectedly. No matter what your need is, you can always count on the car rental service to make your rental possible. The rest of your business vacation depends on your efforts and organized nature. Try to avoid business trip mistakes to feel even better!


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Typical Mistakes

When You Go To Miami By Rental Car

  1. Lack of sleep

You would look weird if you got asleep on the business meeting. How is that possible? It happens when your rental car is not comfortable enough for a long drive, or you are traveling to Miami without a good sleep. You will not be able to conduct a meeting or take an active hand in it. The worst thing you can do during the meeting is falling asleep in a comfortable chair. Is that what you want? You are lucky enough if your boss will understand and accept your position.

  1. Bad Prepared

If you a responsible person, you can’t be bad prepared for your meeting and for the trip. With your busy life, you can surely forget something, like a pair of shoes, toiletries, your favorite lipstick, or a phone charger. What can you do with this trouble? It’s ok to book a hotel with many services included. It would be great if a clothing store, cosmetics and a beauty salon are near to drive or at the same building.

  1. Reserving Hotels Last Minute

That is great if the partner-company will book a hotel for all conference participants and lecturers. But what if you just plan a single meeting and have to book hotel on your own? Also, it can happen that you get know about your trip at the last minute. If it will be a holiday season or just a hot business season, not many hotels and cars are available. You have no choice! Therefore you have to spend much time on getting to your meeting place or take the last available car at a high price.

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  1. Never Use GPS

Map or GPS is needed during the trip. Try to rent a car with GPS navigator or just download a map into your phone. It will be very helpful, especially when you feel like you are lost in the unknown city. Also, you should write all the addresses into your phone so that you can easily find what you want in the shortest time. It is not very comfortable to catch and ask locals about how to get there of here. Use a map.

  1. Planning leisure before business

Planning where and how to spend your leisure time in Miami, try to plan your business first. It’s really hard to adapt yourself to your business. You may book theater or cinema tickets beforehand, but you will not use them if you will be busy with your job. That would be so sad.

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  1. Book hotel at the time of your arrival

It often happens that you arrive in Miami very early. You have comfortably booked a hotel room to take a shower, get some rest before the meeting. On arrival, it is found out that check-in time in the hotel is 2-3 p.m. They cannot check you in before because all rooms are busy and not ready for the client. That’s why it is better to book the room for the previous night. You have to overpay a bit but, as well, you may be sure that your room will be ready to meet you on arrival.

How about a last-minute business trip? This can be the worst thing you can do. Seriously, even when you have a rental car, it is impossible to plan your trip and get ready for it in the next two hours. It’s just no time to pack everything, no time to book a car, a hotel beforehand. It’s just like reading tea leaves! By the way, don’t forget to pack your phone, charger, laptop, driving license, and credit card. Try to download a couple of useful apps to find a good restaurant for dinner in Miami and buy tickets for the most interesting play in the local theater. Pack an emergency kit and some extra cash in case you can’t find a cash dispenser in the airport.

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