Why Travelers Choose Airbnb Accommodation Over Hotels

Airbnb is growing in popularity amongst travelers as well as property owners and for good reason. There are a lot of advantages to renting out an Airbnb instead of seeking accommodations in hotels.

From affordability to its uniqueness in the market, below are some of the reasons why a lot of travelers are starting to choose Airbnb over hotels.

Saves money

The biggest reason as to why Airbnb is very popular in terms of accommodation for a lot of travelers is that it’s very affordable. Unlike hotel rooms, Airbnb isn’t as expensive to book, especially if you’re planning to stay for more than a couple of days in the area.

Given the fact that travelers are unlikely going to be spending their days traveling inside the hotel room, an Airbnb makes more sense. Plus, they’d want to devote most of their money on the rest of their travel itinerary instead of on the place they’re staying in.


Another reason why travelers like booking an Airbnb unit instead of hotel rooms is because of its flexibility. A lot of the aspects of booking and staying at an Airbnb is flexible.

When you’ve booked a hotel, you will have to adhere to their strict check-out policy. However, the volatility of travel hours and all that can make it hard for you to follow that.

Aside from that, if you have any specific requests, a lot of Airbnb owners will be more willing to entertain these requests. However, with hotels, sometimes they just have strict policies that employees can’t let you break.

Offers a lovely atmosphere

Another thing that makes an Airbnb more appealing to people is that it feels warmer and cozier than a commercial feeling space like a hotel room.

Airbnb rooms have a theme or they are well-decorated by the hosts so that it looks inviting and appealing to travelers. Sometimes, Airbnb hosts even go out of their way to decorate their space so that it offers people who book their room experience of the local culture.

With a hotel room, you don’t get any of that care and consideration. Not only is it a space to sleep in for travelers, but it’s also an experience in and of itself.

Travelers can explore a new culture

The thing with hotel rooms is that once you’ve stayed in one hotel room, it feels like you’ve stayed in all of the hotel rooms there is. There is no variety unless you upgrade the hotel room, and the difference isn’t even unique once you get expensive hotel rooms.

With Airbnb, it feels like something new every time. Plus, you can infer the culture of the place you’re staying at which provides an interesting and new perspective for you. There are all sorts of lodging options in Airbnb that you may even interact with new people in one.

Provides household amenities

One of the reasons why people like booking an Airbnb is because of the multitude of household amenities that it provides. Oftentimes, people have to pack their own hair blower, their own iron and all that sort of a household tool when they go and book hotels. However, with Airbnb, they don’t have to deal with that additional load in their life.

Plus, they are also guaranteed cleanliness because Airbnb reviews show whether or not a place is clean. Usually, it is since there are plenty of short term rental cleaning service providers out there that Airbnb hosts make use of.

One-on-one interaction with the owner

With a hotel room, everything is very impersonal. You’re availing a service to a giant conglomerate and at best you have the receptionist to talk to when it comes to any questions.

With an Airbnb, though, you get one-on-one interactions with the owner and you get to ask them all the questions you need to know. The Airbnb hosts can tell you about the best places to go to in your area for grubs. They can also advise you on the cheapest commute, the best local food to get, and so much more.


When you’re traveling, you would want your furry friend to come along with you sometimes but it’s difficult to find a lodging situation that will allow you to bring one along with you.

With Airbnb, this issue becomes simple since there are indications of places that allow you to bring your furry little friends with you.

Unlike in hotels, you probably won’t have to pay an additional fee for your pet’s accommodation. Plus, some Airbnbs make it more convenient for you to let your pet go to the toilet.


There are many reasons why Airbnb is dominating the market right now as highlighted above. Not only is it convenient but it also provides affordable temporary lodging for people who want to travel but can’t afford to stay at hotels. In your next travel, perhaps you want to consider getting an Airbnb instead of booking a hotel so you, too, can experience its benefits.

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