How to Improve Your Webpage Titles?

Page title can be the most impactful element. By choosing the right keyword, your website will be able to perform well in gaining traffic from organic search. Audit of your page title should be performed regularly and you need to have a proper source of data to determine whether you are still using the most relevant keywords. You need to know what keywords that driver traffic to your website. It could be quite surprising that some of these keywords are not intentional. So, if it appears that some of your keywords are proven to be effective regardless of your intention, you need to use them better. For future webpages, you need to use the right keywords, so they can rank higher, regardless of your original plan.

Every month, you should pull performance data of all webpages to get the number of impressions and clicks. You may need to forecast the impact of your page title optimization. You can do this by comparing results before and after you do the optimization. As an example, webpages with optimized titles could have better position in search results. This should also correlate to higher traffic. When choosing the right titles for your pages, you should use common sense. As an example, webpage titles shouldn’t be too long or too short. If you choose the right method, you should be able to increase traffic steadily. You should know that if webpage titles are too long, they can be truncated. If your titles are truncated, some of the critical keywords can be missing and you will suffer from rate of click-through. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that your page titles are less than 68 characters.

If you have reached the first position in search result, then you have done your hard work and you reap the benefits. However, you should know that this may not last forever. Competitors will work hard to gain positions in the first page and some of them can be ambitious to aim for your top rank. Instead of focusing only on ranking position, you should also try to improve awareness for your brand. If people know about their brand, they will directly go to your website, instead of looking for generic products that lead to your brand. So, it’s a good idea to include the name of your brand in the page title in the most natural way possible, without sacrificing user experience. If you unnaturally add brand name to page titles, they will look weird. Again, it means that you need to make everything looks natural and comfortable to read.

Depending on your permalink, you may automatically use webpage title for the URL. It means that the impact of well optimized page title can be quite immense. Page title will also affect your meta descriptions, so it’s easy to imagine that having a well optimized title is so crucial. In fact, with a well designed title, you can immediately convey messages from it. Page title audits should be an excellent way to improve your SEO performance and you can gain much better click-through rate.

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