How to Optimize Your E-Commerce Website for Visual Search?

Search processes are not only performed using text and voice, but also visual elements. Google and other search engines have added visual search tools, where people can search for specific images and videos. Images from your websites could appear in Google Image search results and there’s an option for people to visit your website to get more information about it. Video search feature is dominated by YouTube and other video sharing platforms. It’s still useful if your e-commerce business has official account in YouTube and other video sharing services. This will help you to improve sales steadily. Today, it’s easy to take picture and upload it immediately to the Internet. Mobile devices and some Internet-enabled DSLR cameras can easily upload freshly taken pictures.

When users look for images of specific objects, such as an electrical product with specific model, your ecommerce website will get more traffic, if these images come from your website. If you have many types of products, you may have hundreds or even thousands of product photos in your website. So, Google Image search and similar feature in other search engines can be a good way to expose your potential customers with your products. It will be another factor that allows you to sell better and deliver more products to consumers. Here are things you should do improve your e-commerce website for better visual search performance:

  • Assign relevant textual elements to your images: If you want your images to appear for specific keywords, you should give the descriptive names. The name of the image can be the name of the object shown itself. As an example, you can name your image ‘large-grilled-cheese-burger.jpg’, if you have a restaurant business that offers delivery service. You may also incorporate other relevant keywords, so they will become more descriptive. So, people will easily recognize what’s shown in the image. In the HTML code, you should also include descriptive alt tag, because they will have strong significance in image search results. You should know that search engine bots can’t see images and they can’t tell the difference between the picture of a cat and a dog. So, you need to tell them by assigning relevant textual elements.
  • Make a strong Pinterest presence: Although Instagram is dominating the image sharing activity among social media users, it appears that Pinterest appears more frequently in Google search engine results. Pinterest Lens is a camera search app that provides recommendation based on users’ own photos. This solution appears to be quite successful and each month, there are about 600 million searches made using Pinterest Lens app. So, if people are interested in products and services similar to your own, you should regularly release images in Pinterest. This will increase the chance of your business to be discovered. Don’t forget to recommend people to visit your website, so you will get higher traffic.
  • Make strong presences in YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo: The video search feature in Google’s main portal can also provide you with decent amount of traffic. People may occasionally click the Video tab and people will see your website.
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