Window Sharing- Facilities & Risks

Sharing window allows you to configure the order for sharing various resources with other users with a range from shared folders to shared printers. The window also contains tools for configuring the settings for remote computer control, sharing the Internet and using shared screens.

Selecting various items on the list in the lower left corner of the window, you will like it to switch tabs. Depending on the selected item of the list, in the right part of the window, the controls for the settings of this share will be displayed. You can share the following resources with other users:

  • DVD or CD Sharing- Check this box to enable other users to use your CD or DVD drive. Please note that in this case the data sent between computers is transmitted in an unencrypted form – interested persons can intercept this data. Check the Ask box before allowing other users to use my CD or DVD;
  • Screen Sharing- By checking this box, you allow other users to view the image from the screen of your monitor on their monitor screens remotely. So, remote users will see the same as you. In addition, they can manage your computer. Therefore, be careful – do not trust your computer to untested people, this can lead to sad consequences. You can determine which of the users can have this right. As an alternative, you can record your screen for any certain task and can share the video later. Most of the users use a famous program developed by Movavi;
  • File Sharing- Check this box to enable the use of shared folders; the easiest and most convenient way to exchange data between users;
  • Shared printers- If you want to share a printer connected to your computer with other users, select this check box to make the printer accessible over the network;
  • Scanner Sharing- You can share with other users not only printers but also scanners. This feature first appeared in Mac OS X Lion;
  • Shared web access- This box is not responsible for sharing your Internet connection – by setting it, you just allow other users to browse the web pages stored in your personal sites folder. For example, you can force your computer to act as a web server in such a simple way;
  • Remote Login- Check this box to allow users to connect remotely to your computer using the SSH protocol;
  • Remote Management- If you have a copy of Apple Remote Desktop and you want to use it to connect to your computer, select this check box. In this case, you will be able to control your computer remotely, almost like using Screen Sharing. However, Apple Remote Desktop has additional and very interesting tools. For example, a function that allows you to simultaneously view images from monitors of several remote users at once is a very useful feature when organizing computer classes, where the administrator constantly has to monitor what users actually do;
  • Sharing Xgrid- Check the box to enable the use of Xgrid technology. Xgrid technology is widely used in scientific computing and allows you to divide one super-complex task between large numbers of computers. Each computer of this network performs its part of the calculations, after which a single answer to the original problem is formed from the results of the calculations of all the computers of the network;
  • Internet Sharing- Check this box to share your Internet connection with other users;
  • Bluetooth Sharing- Check this box to allow Bluetooth devices for interacting with your computer. Using advanced settings, you can customize the behavior of your computer when receiving files via Bluetooth, determine the folder for downloaded files and determine which folders on your computer other users can view.
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