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Social Media Marketing (SMM) is one of the non-standard ways to promote your business, which is to attract the target audience from social networks, forums and web blogs to the site. SMM promotion is considered one of the promising promotion methods.

As a confirmation of this thesis, we give some statistical information:

  • About 8 hours a week the average Internet user devotes to social networks.
  • 20% of Internet users consider social networks as a source of information.
  • Over 70% of users of social networks interact with the brand through discussions, surveys, contests.
  • 80% of all users of the English-speaking Internet visit social networks at least one time per month.


Here are some of the ideas for the best site promotion:

  1. Announcements of your guest posts. If your article is published on a reputable industry resource, notify your subscribers.
  2. Branded photos. Look for photos that have your company logo. It is good if the image is funny.
  3. Pictures of your product. Show the picture not by the eyes of the artist, but by the eyes of the consumer. It should look like it looks in real life. Beautiful staged photo shoots are, of course, good, but this format adds life to your account.
  4. Do not try to connect all publications with your business. Your followers will surely appreciate the variety of ideas. For example, you might suggest looking into the eyes of vegetables.
  5. Link to discussion or debate. If you are arguing with colleagues on a forum or in the comments on a blog post, refer to this argument. The discussion topic draws attention and involves subscribers in the interaction: people argue, understand the problem, and look for arguments. In general, they are active.
  6. Feedback from users. Ask subscribers to share an opinion about your product.
  7. Photo in the process. Post a photo of your product at the time of assembly or production.
  8. Instructions and tips. Post helpful advice related to your business that no one else talks about.
  9. An overview of your product from the user. If there is a review from buyers that you are proud of, do not hide it. If not, ask clients to do it creatively. Motivate and reward the most active.
  10. Photos of customers who use your service or product. You can find them by the corresponding hashtags.
  11. A free tool or service. For example, share information about the program with which you make gif-animation.
  12. Book advice. Invite to read a book related to your field of activity. If it is freely available, leave a link. If you found an interesting professional literature, tell people about it.
  13. The working day of an employee in your company. It can be a photo report with a short description: who does what and how does he/she do the job (in details).
  14. Recommending your favorite products. If you sell bicycles, you must be an avid cyclist. Share your personal preferences with the public.
  15. Life hacks. Tell the audience how you are succeeding in business and do not lose your temper. Perhaps you are doing yoga, attending psychological trainings or throwing out negative energy with the help of workouts? Photos are welcome.
  16. A story from life. Post a photo of your slippers torn by your dog or the effects of yesterday’s party.
  17. Reaction to resonant events. Discuss something sensational: for example, an environmental action or the release of a new album of your favorite musical group.


A large number of subscribers in social networks is an effective tool for promoting small businesses. If everything is done correctly, you can become a real star of the Internet. This will increase sales, brand recognition and the number of loyal customers. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the largest social networks that can take your business to a completely new level. Use the tips and strategies listed above to make your promotion efforts as effective as possible. In case you are visiting the USA with a big company for gaining valuable experience or just for fun, use 7 passenger cars rental Dallas Airport. This way you will save your time and money!


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