5 mistakes that can cost your business a lot in the long run

Running a business can be very challenging, especially if you missed noticing or implementing some of the crucial elements in the first phase of your business.

Of course, it would be irrational to assume you won’t make mistakes as you go. However, some of them can have a tremendous impact on your business in the long run, so it’s important to be aware of them.

Understanding which mistakes are made by the majority of entrepreneurs can help you prevent them from happening at all. In this article, we bring you the most common mistakes business people have made over and over again to ensure you avoid making any of them.

Choosing the wrong investor

As your company is growing, your head is probably full of business ideas, but to execute them, you will need a significant amount of money. One of the options to acquire that money is by finding an investor. The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make here is to rely solely on their instincts. Therefore, many of these entrepreneurs will end up choosing the wrong investor because they’ve ignored more important signs.

It’s not wrong to trust your instincts, but these signs will show you if someone is a good or bad choice for your business. For instance, their motivation to be a part of this will give you a hint whether you are truly a good match for each other or not. Also, check what else this investor can bring to the table besides money. Their years of experience can be one of these things.

Not investing in office security

Office security is crucial for every business, from the smallest ones with just a few employees to multinational corporations. It is clear how important it is to protect your office and your employees from potential vandalism, theft or even fires, yet not everyone will invest in office security. If feeling uncertain what steps to take to improve security, you should hire a security consultant to conduct a security analysis of your office. However, investing in a quality alarm and surveillance systems that will monitor your space even when you’re not in the building is critical for your business.

You should also make it a point to invest in quality fire ducts, smoke alarms and emergency systems. Working in an unsafe environment will result in losing more than just things if you neglect the importance of office security.

Not hiring an accountant

You might think that a small business doesn’t need an accountant to handle all the finances but you should definitely reconsider your decision. Running a business can be difficult and overwhelming, regardless of its size. Having someone who knows how to manage your expenses, taxes, and cash flow will be beneficial for your business in so many ways. With an accountant, you can focus on your other business projects while letting someone with more experience handles your finances. Hiring an accountant you can trust means you will be well prepared from a finance perspective for any upcoming situation.

Manually managing your costs

Another advantage of having a skilled accountant is that you will understand why your costs shouldn’t be handled manually. When talking about finances, all processes need to be constantly controlled and monitored which often leads to human error. Not to mention that performing all these tasks manually will harm your data as well. You will need to invest in management software which will help you with the analysis and decision-making processes. Having such software will increase the agility and productivity of your business. It might seem like a big investment in the beginning but you will actually save money in the long run.

Lack of law enforcement coordination

Besides not investing in office security, the biggest mistake most entrepreneurs will make is failing to execute their security plans and efforts in coordination with law enforcement organizations. Your business should always be coordinated in a way that has the support of the police in case something unexpected happens.

In other words, your alarm system should alert law enforcement officers and your security cameras should work flawlessly if the footage needs to serve as evidence. Unfortunately, any entrepreneur can be a target of the next crime wave and avoiding to think about it makes you even more vulnerable.


Being successful in your business is so much more than just generating revenue. Not being focused on security matters, financial management, possible opportunities and threats will tremendously harm your business in the long run. Learning from your own mistakes is the best way to learn how to run a business successfully, but learning from other people’s mistakes will save you time and money.

After all, the time you would spend on fixing these mistakes could be spent on new business projects that can grow your business. With the right prevention measures, you can enjoy a healthy and safe work environment with a bigger chance of long-term success.

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